Meet our Founder

The Colorado Dandelion was founded by Jen Kievit, a New Jersey native–now Colorado transplant living a healthier life in boulder, co. Jen’s passion for aromatherapy and curiosity with plants as natural remedies may have actually started more than twenty years ago, but her recent [and on-going] recovery from a 12 year battle with a mysterious, debilitating illness–now known as CIRS and extensive detox from health robbing toxins such as mold mycotoxins, heavy metals and biotoxins has ignited a passion in her to share her healing experiences with essential oils in hope of helping others heal and balance their bodies or enhance their personal wellness program. 

“it all started one summer during college, with my grandmothers abundant lavender gardens in south jersey. i’d never seen anything like it, it was beautiful, full of fragrant english lavender and bees. and it was all by chance! I remember her saying she had so much lavender that she didn’t know what to do with it. and that’s how it began. I harvested as much as I possibly could that summer, bundled and hung it to dry and then the experimentation began! from lavender sugar cookies to soap and salves, my curiosity was born. I recall the first bite of the lavender cookie, it was sugary, clean, fresh and herbaceous! within a few moments I felt alive and light, like it had cleared a pathway through my body. It was a magical experience that I will never forget. From there, began my experiments with soap making and homemade salves. i’d visit our local “health & herb” shop in my home town, learning about dried herbs and seeds such as turmeric or poppy. Lavender patchouli was my favorite combination and although my mother wasn’t particularly for it, My college friend and I would make fat-based soaps and salves in her kitchen–with her cooking pots. such fond memories.” –jen kievit, founder

fast forward to the present day, and she is back–learning, discovering, experimenting and sharing. she is fascinated with the history and biology of plants as well as their aromatherapeutic role in personal wellness. she uses her empathic sensibility, intuition and personal experience with essential oils to create healthy, natural products that compliment any personal wellness plan.jen is also a doterra wellness advocate and is available for recommendations and sales on doterra products as well as healthy living choices. 

jen is also a visual designer by day [and sometimes nights and weekends] her most recent projects include brand identity and website design for trey b. hair studio in boulder, co. and brand identity and product/food photography for boulder kitchen collective. she loves product photography and capturing interesting things in nature–including her two 25lb dogs, sonny and cher. for more info on jen’s design style, check out her work over at

favorite essential oil: right now [besides grounding patchouli] is helichrysum. it’s botanical name is helichrysum angustifolium. the flowers are steam distilled to make this powerhouse of an essential oil. it’s fragrance is earthy, floral, green, sweet. helichrysum is widely known as immortelle which in french means “everlasting”. helichrysum belongs to your crown and heart chakras. not only is it an amazing healer of pain–emotional and traumatic, but it is a literal healer of wounds. use helichrysum to stop minor bleeding of cuts and heal other skin conditions. use it to help your cells and your emotions regenerate, rejuvenate. helichrysum may help you transform your emotional pain to courageous and hopeful inner balance. 

note: at first, when introducing a new essential oil to your body, consciously open your mind and heart to the gifts you are about to receive. it’s a normal reaction if you don’t “like” it at first. that is your body awakening it’s senses and receptors in preparation for acceptance. essential oils are pure, highly concentrated plant “medicine” – this is one of the reasons why i only trust and use essential oils from doterra or a well known local crafter. extraction processes matter! if you inhale an essential oil and you have a sensitive reaction to it, like a headache chances are that oil was extracted with a chemical process. this is not good and counterintuitive to our healing. get rid of that chemical imposter and nourish your soul, naturally. 



Sonny in the Back, Cher up front

Sonny in the Back, Cher up front

helichrysum angustifolium

helichrysum angustifolium