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Clarity roller blend was actually designed for me! It’s my go-to stress reliever when I’m feeling overwhelmed with work and travel. I dab a little on my wrists and take a moment to inhale–within minutes I’m more calm, focused and grounded. A must-have for anyone constantly on the go–professionally or personally.
— Amy Jo, Boulder, CO

After continually dealing with achy joints, I started taking 2 Copaiba soft gels per day. No more joint pain! Even after a tough workout. Now excited to try the new RECOVER roller blend with Copaiba.
— Pam, Longmont, CO

I work in a profession where I’m constantly washing my hands–many times a day. The Makers Hand Salve kept my hands protected while not greasy. I highly recommend this product. The quality of the natural ingredients is amazing!
— Trey B. Boulder, CO